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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Ideal Miniature Library

The Ideal Miniature Library is a series of twenty titles to be collected

The books measure 1¼ x 1 x ¼ inches. They exhibit full color soft covers, excellent readable texts 80 pages long and many color illustrations. They can be read without the help of a magnifier.

The subjects cover a huge field of culture:
“Aesop life and fables”.
“Ancient Masters of Wisdom”.
“Beautiful Biblical Proverbs”.
“Cat Wisdom”, followed by a tale by Théophile Gauthier entitled “The White and Black Dynasties” published in French in 1850, under the title of “La Menagerie Intime”.
“Elvis Presley”, a very complete biography.
“The Language of Flowers”. The meaning attributed by Victorians to each flower so each bouquet conveys a message by itself.
“Happiness Proverbs” followed by “A Recipe for Happiness in Marriage”
“How to make a good speech” (step by step.)
“Love me tenderly”. (Love quotations and poems).
“Man’s Best Friend”. (A collection of fantastic quotations about dogs.)
“Venus Love Stories”.
“Reflections of Women”.
“The Finest Liar in the World”, a tale by Andrew Lang.
“Teddy Bear Land”, followed by “The True History of Teddy Bears”.
“The World Trade Center”. Story and Architecture by Natalie Buchman.
“America the Beautiful” by Katharina Lee Bates, followed by “American Quotations”.
“How to collect miniature books”. A must for every collector.
“Christmas Stories” : “Christmas in the Olden Days “by B. Dishaw King, followed by “The Little Match-Seller” by Hans Christian Andersen.
“The Return” by Guy de Maupassant.

The collection is designed to fit in a small wooden bookcase resembling a cuckoo clock.

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